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The National Association for the Education of Young Children's Annual Conference

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Hello there, my fellow exhausted teacher.

I remember working on my lessons for hours, trying to find the right music, the right activities to implement in my classroom. I scrolled video, after video, some with questionable content.

“This is suppose to be for preschool kids?”

I remember sitting at circle time, trying to capture my students’ attention, but Leo was rolling on the floor, Katelyn was yelling at Sarah, and Michael was curled up in a ball because it was too loud.

I chimed, “1,2, 3, eyes on me….”crickets.” I added marbles to the jar, tried the clipcharts. Nothing was working. I decided to do a little research. I realized something needed to change. There had to be a better way.

The fatigue is real.

The countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, the wasted hours on YouTube, scouring Teachers Pay Teachers, searching for strategies on classroom management,SEL (social emotional learning), music, and movement, and ALL OF THE THINGS.

It’s so frustrating.

You’re facing challenging behaviors that you’ve never seen before. You’re at your wit’s end.

Please know, you’re not alone.
According to the National Education Association, 55% of teachers are changing career paths, an increase from 37% just 6 months prior.
90% of teachers state that they are experiencing burnout. 90%!
You’re probably reading those stats and thinking, “Yeah. That feels about right.” This is a truly trying time, and what you’re experiencing is not your fault.
And I’m here to remind you that you’re a RockStar.
You are your students’ superhero. You love teaching more than anything. You can’t imagine yourself doing anything else.

But you need to spend less time planning and researching, and more time actually teaching! With the proper techniques, you can address the issues you’re facing, and reignite your love of teaching.

I’m here to help you do just that. As a preschool music teacher, I’ve learned that a key factor in the challenging behaviors we’re seeing in our students is that these pandemic babies haven’t had the opportunity to socialize with other children. Many children have stressed out parents who are still recovering from trying to balance working from home while tending to their kids.

It’s time we all take a breath, show each other some grace, and use the tools that are developmentally appropriate to help young children thrive, while addressing our own need to heal from burnout. Let’s have fun in preschool again!

Why Brenda?

I’ve been a music teacher and early childhood specialist for 27 years. I have worked with young children in schools, in parent/ child classes, and in outdoor programs.

So if you just thought, “But Brenda! There are so many resources out there, what makes you stand out? I’ve tried it all. And there are plenty of youtube videos out there with lots of songs to choose from.

My expertise is being the link between teachers and their students.

Every day, I get to sing, move, play, and read with early learners. I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. 

And given our current, unprecedented struggles, I’ve been doing extensive research on sensory output and input, and I’ve developed strategies to help children regulate themselves, so they can take in the information you’re sharing. 

Recently, a teacher friend confided in me that she was tired of all the hours of planning, and asked me if I could share my music lessons with her. Word began to spread, and I currently help dozens of preschool owners by providing them with songs and strategies they can use. I focus on self-regulation songs that help young children gain control of their little bodies.

When children struggle with self regulation, it’s difficult for them to sit still, concentrate, and participate in learning activities. (Young Children, 2015)

Can you imagine how powerful that would be for your classroom? Kids actually listening and engaged? All because of music? Oh the places that classroom can go …

Still worried this isn't the answer you've been looking for?
Here's what some of my preschool teacher clients have to say...

“Brenda's love for incorporating music to help children soar is evident. The creativity of her songs has been a blessing when using them with my preschoolers and I'm sure it will be when using them with yours."
"I admire Miss Brenda’s passion for music and children. My little ones enjoy her music selections, and we are so delighted we found her!"
“Sunny Bee Music is amazing! My son is in an online preschool and when the music comes on then his face lights up and loves the music and physical movements.”
“Mrs. Brenda’s musical activities are fun and engaging. She’s a great resource for early learning professionals! I’m excited to share her music with my families.”
“My kiddos were hooked after their first music lesson with Ms. Brenda! They were singing along and moving the entire time and were 100% engaged in the lesson. We can't wait until our next one!”
“I love how creative Ms. Brenda is with her songs! You can tell she puts her heart into teaching!"

As a teacher, my number one priority has been to help young children thrive.

And now I know it’s time to help you thrive, too.
If you’re tired of scrolling through YouTube and would like musical activities that are engaging, fun, and most importantly, effective, I invite you to take my new online course.

The Music and Mindfulness Connection – A Musical Approach to Self Regulation in the Early Childhood Classroom

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3 Fun & Engaging Music Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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